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10 Most Dangerous but Exotic Places on Earth

Here are the exotic places on earth that are so dangerous that you would think twice while adding them into your bucket list.

Death Valley, USA

The Death Valley is a stunning but deadliest deserts in the world. This is the places where the temperature can reach up to 134 °F (56.7 °C). Sustaining for few hours in this natural oven is literally impossible. The scorching heat, blazing sun, and scarcity of water are a few elements that make it one of the most dangerous places on earth.

Madidi National Park, Bolivia

Although it looks quite picturesque, the danger is lurking everywhere in this park. The reason for its being dangerous is the presence of a wide range of deadly and poisonous fauna. By merely touching some of these plants, you feel dizziness or itching. Even a small scratch may turn into an infectious wound within a couple of days.


Peru is a popular tourist attraction but there is another aspect that appears to be fairly threatening. Machu Picchu is one of the most desired destinations in Peru and it is quite safe. However, the other parts of the country, especially rural areas and travel routes are extremely vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Besides, cartels associated with drug trafficking are also a threat to tourists.

The Elephant Kingdom in Chonburi, Thailand

The Elephant Kingdom in Thailand is famous for its Crocodile farm. Merely visualizing the scene where you are surrounded by dozens of crocodiles is terrifying. This is what happens at the Elephant Kingdom. You get a chance to ride a semi-closed raft and feed the crocodiles swimming around.

Afar Depression, Ethiopia

The Afar is a volatile place in Ethiopia, and the reason for this is its Erta Ale volcano. The volcano is responsible for shaking the region constantly. This turbulence has lead to the formation of various deep chasms. The movement of lava beneath the earth’s surface moves it up and down, making Afar the most unpredictable and dangerous area in the world.


Famous for Rio Carnival, Rio De Janeiro is a popular tourist attraction. However, besides its festive environment, robbery, murder, and kidnapping are some of the dark sides of this city. Hence, strolling through the attractions without a guide may end up in disastrous consequences.

Lake Natron, Tanzania

Though it looks amazing, Lake Natron is surely a death trap. Its alkali salt crust can literally kill any living organism by just touching it. The strong smell of hydrogen makes it difficult to admire its scenic beauty for more than a few minutes.

Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

The extreme temperature of the Danakil desert is not the only reason for making it a dangerous place; rather, conflict with Eritrea also plays its role while rendering it a hostile spot. Hence, visiting this marvelous masterpiece of nature may prove fatal due to harsh weather conditions or excessive firing incidents.


Drug trafficking and other criminal activities are rampant in Colombia. Especially, the rural areas are more vulnerable to the threats of kidnapping or even murder. Apart from a few major cities that are safe for the tourists, the rest of the country poses serious safety concerns.

Huntington Ravine Headwall, USA

Huntington is full of dangers, as a large number of climbers and tourists have lost their lives due to natural calamities like ice-falls and Avalanches. Hypothermia is also a life-threatening factor that prevails in this area.

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