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Top Adventure Trips to Take Before Turning 30

The urge to go on an adventurous trip is mainly associated with the youth. The best time to enjoy some physically demanding activities is in between the 20’s. Since the passion and enthusiastic elements are at their full throttle, you try to dive into adventures at different levels.

In addition, a person in twenties is not much worried about the comfort, lifestyle or even responsibilities. It is, in fact, the best time of life when you can actually live your dreams without any strings attached.

Mentioned below are some of the adventure trips that you should try to take before turning 30.

Queenstown—New Zealand

The Queenstown is popular for its adventurous activities. The invention of bungee jumping relates to this city. It surely serves as a paradise for adventure lovers. The city offers a wide range of thrilling experiences for hardcore adventure seekers. Para-gliding and hang-gliding allow you to witness the spectacular beauty of the region in a unique way.

Besides, riding the jet boats and rafts satisfies your desire to do something thrilling. During the winter, you can take your skiing passion to a new height. The ‘Heli-Skiing’ is the most challenging form of skiing, which tests the limits of people indulging in this kind of extreme sports.

The Death Road in La Paz—Bolivia

The name death road seems to be scary, yet a biking trip to this part of Bolivia is not too dangerous. However, in order to drive on this road, you need to be careful. It requires special skills and attention while traveling through such tough terrain. This is the best adventurous trip that you should plan before getting into your thirties.

Machu Pichu—Peru

Machu Pichu is another hot spot for young travelers. There are numerous places to feed your passion for hiking and mountain climbing. The routs are tough and challenging, which makes this place an ideal option for the tough folks. This is so, as hiking requires immense stamina even if the conditions are favorable. After an exhaustive day, you can enjoy partying with your friends during the night in Cusco.


Iceland has a reputation of offering a wide array of outdoor activities. The exotic landscape not only provides scenic views but also takes your adventurism to a whole new level. It is among those few destinations where tourists prefer to go and enjoy interacting with nature. You can explore the rugged coastline, vast lava fields, and rocky mountains. Besides, whale watching, horse riding, white water raft, and taking a bath in hot spring are some of the highlights of Iceland.

Las Vegas—USA

Las Vegas needs no introduction, as the name speaks for itself. It is a place, which is built to entertain, thrill, entice and indulge. This city is the ultimate choice for young visitors looking for a spot to hang out with friends or throw a bachelor party. Luxurious hotels, extravagant casinos, and lavish nightclubs are all there to amaze its visitors. However, this doesn’t suggest that you can’t take advantage of its vibrant nightlife with a limited budget. In fact, Las Vegas definitely offers something for everyone.…

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Top Destinations for Bachelor Parties

The words ‘Bachelor Party’ relate to wild parties and hangout moments. It marks the end of an uninterrupted and unbridled life of a bachelor. Besides the fun, there is a more serious element and that is the price tag of such a party.

So if you are going to tie a knot soon, don’t forget to plan your bachelor party. Make sure to chose a place which is less expensive and offers a lot more in terms of making your party a memorable one.

Here is a list of top destinations that may serve the purpose for your bachelor party.


When you’re getting married, there’s no other place than the sandy beaches of Miami and Orlando. But if you’re going to do that, you’re going to want to make a few stops to make sure you are in tip-top shape for a weekend of your life. To do this, especially if you’re hitting the panhandle, you want to swing my our favorite chiropractor Kissimmee folks just love. That’s Peak Health. They’ll set you straight (no pun intended), plus they’ll be able to help with IV therapy after a very long weekend of partying before the big day.

If Florida isn’t for you, then check out these other spots…..

Nashville, Tenn

Nashville is a great spot to celebrate the last valuable moments of your life as a bachelor. Here, you can avail the opportunity to enjoy live music, food, beer, and dance with your friends. The cost of beer is relatively low, this can save you a considerable amount in the end.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

There is a massive list of things that you can do a San Juan. The entertainment options include nightclubs, casinos, and music venues. Besides, reaching this Caribbean island costs you fairly less. Moreover, the hotels are cheap too, allowing you to stay there for a couple of days without disturbing your budget.

New Orleans

This city appears to be the best destination to stage your bachelor party. The clubs and bars remain open throughout the night, giving you the reason to continue having the fun. The nightlife is vibrant and offers numerous activities to add some twist to the party. For instance, you can visit different casinos and try your luck.

Myrtle Beach, S.C

It holds the reputation of an ideal destination for a bachelor party. It promises a great deal of fun and entertainment. The resorts offer a variety of water sports activities including kayaking, parasailing, scuba diving, and jet skiing. Apart from this, you can arrange an open-air party at the beach and enjoy Bar BQ or other live cooking options. The bars and clubs are also there to add more color to your party.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the most desired party destination, especially for the bachelors. The highlights of this lively city include top-rated casinos, golf, nightclubs, bars, and shopping areas. In addition, bachelorettes can make most out of their trip by visiting spas or having gourmet food at luxurious restaurants.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is famous for its nightlife, extravagant beaches, and top hotels. All these factors make this city as an ideal destination for a bachelor party. The cost of staying in the area is much less than other similar options. The two nights stay would cost you not more than $100.

San Diego

The San Diego beach is the best place to hang out with friends. After spending all day out on the beach, you can unwind your body at the nightclubs of Southern California city. The Gaslamp Quarter, for instance, is a popular spot for rooftop bars, live music and much more. The hotel prices are affordable and there is a huge number of options to choose from. Besides, San Diego is the safest place among other cities recommended above. …

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10 Cool, Hidden, and Unusual Things to Do in Pakistan

Pakistan is a land with vast cultural and historical aspects. Although most of the world is unaware of its beautiful assets, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find some cool and unusual things in Pakistan. To give you an idea, we have compiled a list of such places in Pakistan that are bound to amaze you.


The Mohenjo-Daro or “Mound of the Dead Men,” was the most developed civilization of its age. It sprawled over an area of 750 acres that was once inhabited by approximately 40,000 individuals. The pre-historic buildings show clear signs of ancient architecture and use of backed bricks is one of them. In addition, its complex water distribution system is one of its kind.

Khewra Salt Mine

This massive salt mine covers an area of 110 sq. km, with over 40 kilometers of tunnels. Salt mining began here after the 1200s . In fact, mining and trading of salt date back to the time of Alexander. There are different interesting structures built from the salt bricks. This mine also has its own post office.

Shangri-La Lake

In Tibetan language, Shangri-La means “Heaven on Earth”. The name truly comprehends with its mesmerizing views and scenic beauty. Located in the Skardu Valley in northern areas, this place is truly stunning. It serves as a fuel for Pakistan’s tourism.

Hingol National Park

Situated in Baluchistan Pakistan, this national park offers an astonishing view of rock formations. It covers an area of 1650 square kilometers and serves as a natural habitat for Gazelles, Ibex, Urials and a variety of bird species. The mud volcano is one of its major highlights, which is one of its kind in South Asia.

Derawar Fort

This magnificent fort is 30 meters high and 1 kilometer in circumference. It still displays its grandeur in the vast desert of Cholistan.  The ramparts are smooth and wide, making it the strongest structure to breach.

Gadani Ship Breaking Yard

It is the third largest ship-breaking yard in the world, located in southern Pakistan. Gadani has turned into a graveyard where ships come to die.

Ranikot Fort

The Ranikot Fort along with its three inner forts Mohan, Kot Sher Garh, and Miri Kot, stands as the largest fort in the world. The outer wall of RaniKot resembles the Great Wall of China. This is the reason, it is also known as the Wall of Sindh.


Located in the Mardan Pakistan, Takht-i-Bahi was once an important site for the Buddhist. The name Takht-i-Bahi means Throne of Spring. It is a magnificent piece of architecture that came into existence centuries ago.

Kalash Valley

This valley is loaded with beautiful landscapes as if nature is in its full bloom. The inhabitants of this valley are the Kalash people. They have numerous complex customs and beliefs. Moreover, their origin is still a mystery.

Dara Adam Khel

Located in Khyber Regency, this city shares border with Afghanistan. The Dar Adam Khel is popular for manufacturing of illegal guns and ammunition. It serves as the family business of more than 70% of the families living in this city. Tourists are not allowed to visit this place due to volatile security conditions.…

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