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Bathroom Safety Tips That You Don’t Want To Miss While On Travel

As a traveler, I know you have a different story to tell about your experience at separate bathrooms in different places. The showers and toilets come with various features and operate using unique features as specified by the plumbing works. You can come across a restroom that will block just because a tissue paper blocked it. Locating a good bathroom while you are on travel and remaining safe when you are through depends on how well you planned. Here are ways you can prepare to have a good experience:

Learn to ask where you can get a toilet in a foreign language

Asking where you can get one is not a safety tip passé, but you will save a lot of time if the urge to use one strike. Many travel guidebooks give that phrase in different languages, so you can check it up depending on the dialect used in the country you are visiting. If you cannot get a guidebook, you can check using your smartphone app that has lavatory lingo. Also, be sure that your pronunciation is correct; you do not want to find yourself in a funny place because you didn’t pronounce it well.

Have free pocket change-for pay toilets and tipping

Paying to use public restrooms is popular in many countries around the world. When you are hard pressed, and you cannot get to your hotel room, you will have to pay for it. That is why you should have well-stashed coins to pop out easily and pay up when the need arises. Some countries or regions offer them free but have a small dish for tips and an attendant to keep the place functioning. You cannot determine the best tip amount but do it according to what you feel is the right amount.

You might engineer for some privacy

You can find yourself in the remote areas where the toilet doesn’t have a door or a screened fence is used instead. At such places, you decide to forget about your dignity for some minutes and deal with your pressing need. You can use a collapsible travel umbrella; open it to shield yourself as you carry on your business. If you are traveling with friends, you can take turns to block the view from the rest. Traveling can be fun even when faced with such situations; it all depends on how you choose to view the experience.


While you are traveling, you can come across many designs used to build the bathrooms. You might need to teach yourself the art of squatting when you are visiting some countries because that is the design used in most places. Always remember to pack the things that you need to clean your hands if you are in a region where water and soap are not readily available. You should always have a hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes; they will help you to reduce the risk of getting illnesses that are caused by lack of proper hygiene.

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