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Safety Tips for Solo Female Travel to Europe

Traveling to Europe is a great idea, especially if you are a woman and want to explore this part of the world on your own. Europe has almost everything, which facilitates the idea of female solo travel. It allows visitors to explore its beautiful cities, enjoy mouthwatering cuisines, and witness dreamy landscapes.

Is Europe Safe for Solo Women Travelers

Generally, women are not comfortable with the concept of solo travel to Europe. There is a strong misconception that Europe isn’t a safe place for women traveling alone. The major part of this myth comes from the advice shared by friends and family. According to them, Europe is only safe for women when accompanied by a man.

However, the truth is altogether different. Europe is a safe haven for tourists, including solo female travelers. Even if you are a first-time solo woman traveler, you will find it easy to visit popular tourist attractions in Europe. The specifically built infrastructure is there to facilitate both male and female visitors.

How a Solo Female Traveler can Make her Journey to Europe More Safe

Although strolling around the places in Europe is quite safe, you need to take some precautions to void any unpleasant incident. Take a look at these tips to make your solo trip to Europe much safer and memorable one.

Stay Vigilant against Petty Theft and Pickpockets

Petty theft is a major risk for solo female travelers in Europe. You can guard your belongings by keeping them in your room. Moreover, for the safety of the things that you are carrying, make sure to use a cross-body purse.

Besides, pickpocketing is rampant in Europe. Barcelona and Paris are the Hotspots for such criminal activities. So you need to be extra cautious while roaming across the overcrowded places. Keep your bag or purse in front of you while traveling through public transport.

Try to Avoid Roma

Roma, previously known as gypsies (a racist term) have a reputation of targeting tourists for scams in various parts of Europe. You should try to ignore them at first place. The best thing you can do is to avoid going to those areas where they are in abundance. Even if you come across these people, don’t show sympathy towards them or give them money. They are not just beggars, but also take part in criminal activities.

Drink Safe Water

In most of the European cities, the water is generally safe to drink. However, while visiting some parts of Europe you need to be careful. Just like most of the tourists, you can use bottled water. But it causes waste management issues even in those countries where recycling facilities are available. With a view to making your trip to Europe eco-friendly, invest in a portable water purifier and use it in those areas where water isn’t safe to drink.

Be Prepared for Unexpected Weather

While making a solo female trip to Europe, prepare yourself for unexpected weather conditions. This is so, as summer in Southern Europe is usually hot but at the same time, Copenhagen and Paris stay cold and drizzly. Therefore, bring with you an Umbrella and a variety of clothes, each for a different weather condition.

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